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War Horse Light

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Looking for a new beer? A paler, lighter, and smoother beer? Well look no further, friend, than War Horse Light. A more refreshing beer that fits the modern tastes of today's consumer. When that five o'clock whistle blows and you are searching for just the right taste, reach for a cold, refreshing War Horse beer, now lighter than ever. In our book, there is only one way to do things - the War Horse way - the finest ingredients, the cleanest water, and the best practices. Here at War Horse, we make sure that there is big flavor in every pour and light enough to leave room for more. So, when you see that sign that says "Soon to be Legendary," you know you're in for a beer that's in favor of flavor. Make it Right, Make it War Horse Light.


ABV 4.1%

13 IBU


Cans are 16 oz. Sold in 4 packs. Can be shipped in New York only. 

Retail Price includes 20 cent can deposit per 4pack