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Rancho Meladuco Date Shake Belgian Dubbel from War Horse Brewing Co.
Date Shake Belgian Dubbel 4-Pack

Date Shake Belgian Dubbel 4-Pack

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We collaborated with Rancho Meladuco Date Farm in Newport, California to make this delicious Belgian Dubbel. Rancho Meladuco sun ripened dates are all Medjool, "a variety often referred to as King of the Dates. They are known for their large size and sweet caramel-like flavor."

Date Shake is a medium bodied dark belgian strong ale. Made with 250 pounds of Rancho Meladuco dates, cacao, and vanilla. Drinking this beer is like twirling through a sunny field then cannon balling off a figgy pudding scented waterfall, try it and you'll see.

  • Style: Belgian Dubbel
  • ABV 8.1%
  • Cans are 16 oz
  • Sold in 4 packs
  • Retail Price includes 20 cent can deposit per 4pack


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