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Eisenhower Spice Cake

War Horse Brewing Co.
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During WWII, many ingredients were rationed to the American people so they had to be innovative in the kitchen. One of the most popular recipes created during this time was called "War Cake" - a tasty cake made with a generous helping of brown spices in place of tightly rationed butter and eggs. A cake sure to please even Supreme Allied Commander Eisenhower, a well known dessert fan.

This beer is a toast to all those who can find the sweetness in a spicy situation. As the saying goes "when life hands you spices, make cake." 

"Eisenhower Spice Cake" is a brown ale with just enough spice to warm up those cooler months. Enjoy with grilled meat & root vegetables from your local farmer's market.

ABV: 6.3%   

38 IBU

Cans are 16 oz. Can be shipped to New York only.