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Horses Stole My Beer Milkshake IPA 4-Pack

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Malts: 2 Row. Spelt. Wheat. Oats. 

Hops: Mandarina. Amarillo.

Special Ingredients: Lactose, Tangerine

7.1% ABV  |  10 IBU

Intense citrus and tangerine flavors complete this hazy full bodied IPA.

A beer that makes the old feel young and the young feel foolish. A tribute to lupulin and lactose perfection. Imagine, if you will, a soft, light, creamy IPA bursting with bright fruit. Imagining? Well imagine no more! Step right up!

Here we are, folks, ready to dive into a grown-up version of the ever-popular Orange Cream Shake. A vivid, modern contrast to an age old treat. Brewed with no less than 84 lbs of tangerine puree and 66 lbs of hops, truly a harmony of ingredients that captivate and amaze. These, along with haze-inducing Malts and the mysterious, unfermentable Lactose, come together in a blazing kaleidoscope of flavor. Bursting with delight from born-on-date to pop-tab. Liquid music with rainbow hues, a dessert dream made real. So come one, come all, folks. If you’ve got the time, we’ve got the beer.

  • Milkshake IPA
  • ABV: 7.1%
  • 10IBU
  • Cans are 16 oz.
  • Sold in 4 packs

Retail Price includes 20 cent can deposit per 4p