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50 Miles To Mexico Lime 4-Pack - Three Brothers Wineries and Estates

50 Miles To Mexico Lime 4-Pack

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A bright, clean lager brewed with NY Pale malt, Pilsner malt, and flaked corn. Hopped with Lemondrop and Mandarina Bavaria.

  • Style: Mexican Lager
  • Malts:  NY Pale, Pilsner, Flaked Corn
  • Hops:  Lemondrop, Mandarina Bavaria
  • Special Ingredients:  Lime Zest
  • ABV: 4.7% 
  • IBU: 22

New York is full of names you’ve heard before, Lima, Chili, Alabama, Brighton, and our home, Geneva. If you leave our brewery and head North about 50 miles, you will run into the little town of Mexico, home to about 5,000 people.The road to Mexico takes you by farms, churches, homes, pizza shops, grocery stores and all kinds of great people. These small towns are where we live. We get Malt and Hops for this beer from our friends’ farms in these towns.

We make beer for our new friends from out of town and for our old friends down the street. This beer is the perfect example of that. Made with local ingredients because we want to. Made to be enjoyed in a million different ways.

Without getting too sweet about it, this beer is a taste of our home. Made of the best of the Earth around us, brewed slowly and purposefully. Like the land and people here, there is something honest, bright, and brilliant about a well-made Lager. A tradition that goes back generations, passed down with care. A deep, sacred wisdom. So please grab a can from the cooler, pull up a chair, everyone’s a friend here. We are War Horse Brewing from Geneva, New York and this is our Lager.



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