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Robots Are Cool DDH NEIPA 4-Pack - Three Brothers Wineries and Estates

Robots Are Cool DDH NEIPA 4-Pack

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Double Dry Hopped New England IPA

No enemy can destroy him. He does not get ill and needs no oxygen. He needs no sleep. He is a superior being that no great scientist could have predicted and no great writer could have dreamed. Built for the conquest of other planets, Earth and all other dimensions. Anyone for dooms day?! Not you! Not us! This robot can be used a tool for good! Harnessed to strengthen the bond of humans, not weaken it! Take this as a call to action to put down your pocket telescreen robot and reclaim the brilliant, high definition world around you.

Robots Are Cool, it's true. Used to assist and relieve but not replace the human element. In this can, art meets science to create a soft and slightly sweet citrus forward New England style Double IPA. Double dry hopped with Citra, Mandarina, and Motueka for an extra rush or orange and ripe mango. Brewed by human hands (with a little help from our mechanical friends) in Geneva, NY.

ABV 9%   |   12 IBU

Malts: Wheat, Oats, Two Row

Hops: Citra, Mandarina, Motueka, Southern Passion

Special Ingredients: Lactose

Cans are 16 oz. Sold in 4 packs. Can be shipped in New York only.

Retail Price includes 20 cent can deposit per 4pack

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