2017 Attesa (Amarone) - Three Brothers Wineries and Estates
2017 Attesa (Amarone)
2017 Attesa (Amarone)

2017 Attesa (Amarone)

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  • Dry 0.2% R.S.
  • ABV 15.5%
  • Red wine
  • Made with 100% estate grown Barbera grapes
  • 375ml (half size bottle)
  • Cork closure

This limited production Amarone-style wine opens up with aromas of orange rind and cassis and leads into a palate of dried cherries, star anise and dried green herbs. This non-filtered wine has a fresh and full palate that finishes with a hint of smoke and leather. 

Attesa (at'tesa) is the Italian word translating to anticipation. Amarone wines require a slow wine making process, taking an extended time to dry, press, and ferment the grapes. The result is this rich, full-bodied red wine with notes of cherry and chocolate.

Amarone is a style of wine made by

  1. Picking grapes
  2. Drying grapes until there is 40% less liquid (called apassimento and can take as long as 120 days)
  3. Slowly press dried grapes
  4. Slowly ferment grapes into wine over a period of 35–50 days (this is a long time for wine!)

It is a labor intensive process, making it an expensive wine to produce. A true Amarone wine is made in Valpolicella Italy, that is why we call it an Amarone style.