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Aphrodisi-snacks After Hours 2/1/20

Have you ever eaten aphrodisi-snacks?! Do you want to know what aphrodisi-snacks are?! Lucky for you, you've come to the aphrodisi-snack meca, the place where they are created, because we totally made up the phrase. But it actually makes total sense, hear us definition an aphrodisiac is something that stimulates excitement and a snack is a small amount of food so an aphrodis-snack is a snack that makes you super happy. Now that we've created aphrodidi-snacks we want to share them with the whole world! Or at least a small part of Upstate New York. 

Join us on Saturday February 1st for an aphrodisi-snack centric event featuring War Horse's Yours & Mine blendable beers. Each ticket includes delicious aphrodisi-snacks prepared by our executive chef Michael Gaudio, recipe cards so you can make aphrodisi-snacks at home, Yours & Mine samples and blending demo with our brewery team, one four pack of Yours & Mine to take home and exclusive access to extended brewery hours.

Aphrodisi-snacks menu
"Yours" is a full bodied stout brewed with copious amounts of chocolate. "Mine" is a light-bodied sour ale brewed with raspberries. Drink each beer separately or blended together. Share them with your Valentine, Galentine or just treat your self, we know you've earned it!

Email our event coordinator with questions about this or any event at Three Brothers Wineries/War Horse Brewing Co.

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