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6 Ways to Walk Out of Quarantine Better Than You Walked In.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the quarantine restrictions placed on us because of Covid19. My social is filled with people documenting their #quarantinelife and, if I’m being honest, I’m disappointed in the way most people are showing up.

It’s ironic to me that we’re in this situation (quarantine) and people with underlying conditions are most susceptible to major complications from the virus yet, a giant portion of these conditions are self-inflicted. For example, if you smoke you’re at higher risk of complications, if you’re overweight, if you have any pre-existing condition due to obesity like diabetes, high blood pressure etc. you’re considered high risk. Why not take this time to work on some of your risk factors?

I’m not considered high risk, but I’m still taking a hard look at how I can be better. I’m actually still working full-time because I’m in an industry considered essential, but I’m seeing life differently and taking stock of things within my control that I can work on. I recognize that we’re in a high-stress time and that we all need to give ourselves some grace, but don’t let yourself use this as an excuse. There has never been a better time or reason to live your best life and change those things that you can control that put you at risk.

I’m rounding up some of the ways that you can take this extra time and change your life:

  1. Food is Medicine. Find a healthy, sustainable way to eat and stick with it. I’m writing my next post about this very subject with ideas/ways that I chose to use food as medicine. Stay tuned.

  2. Move your body, change your mind, as my girl Rachel Hollis would say. There are a million options right now for you to workout, at home, for free. Most virtual fitness platforms are offering free memberships during this time. My favorite virtual fitness platform, Peloton is offering a free 90 day subscription. You can access bodyweight workouts, meditation, and stretching from the app and they start at 10 minute sessions, so, no excuses. Even though I work out every day already, I’m adding 10-20 minute foam rolling classes to my daily routine. There is always a way to level up. Here’s the thing; it’s not easy for anyone, ever. Working out daily isn’t easier for me than it is for you. It will never get easier, there is no magic pill… you have to put in the work. Prioritize movement, whatever that looks like for you.

  3. Ritualize self-care. I view self-care as eating healthy, moving my body, giving myself time for creativity, taking care of my skin. We have a little extra time now, try to enhance your existing routine and make it sustainable so that when this is all over with you can still stick to it. Yeah, sitting down to watch Tiger King on Netflix is easy, but what is it adding to your evening routine? You can still have your down time, but what if you watched tv while foam rolling or turned the tv off by 9pm and did a sleep meditation? I’ve been prioritizing sleep, it’s one of your body’s best defense mechanisms. I get in bed by 9:30, take magnesium and a spray of melatonin, and put on a 10-15 minute sleep meditation and I’m out like a light. Pre-rona I was guilty of laying in bed past 10:30 scrolling mindlessly; saying bye to that habit permanently. ✌

  4. Make a budget. A lot of people are VERY worried about cashflow in this moment. We can’t change what’s in our bank accounts right now, but we can prepare to have a safety net when this is all over. Prioritize your budget. Comb through your spending pre-rona and decide what you’re cutting out so that you can build a nest egg. When times get tough, it’s a good idea to have at least 3 months worth of expenses in savings. I know for me, I was going a little overboard with online shopping for, well… anything and everything. My priorities are just different now. Need help making a home budget? I might do a post about that soon- let me know if you would like that!

  5. De-clutter and prioritize your belongings. I’m a minimalist at heart. My husband will tell you that if you want to keep something lying around in this house, you better tie it down. There’s always room for improvement right? Today, I’m tackling the dreaded corner cabinet that holds all of our to-go containers and the bathroom cabinet with random samples from Sephora that I’ll probably never use.

  6. What’s working in the new norm? Ask yourself this question.

    One thing that’s working for me are the basics. My go-to uniform these days is jeans and a basic top and I think I’ll stick with it. Putting my daily outfit on auto-pilot allows me time to focus on other things in the morning. I’ve hear people talk about this before, but it’s finally clicked!

    Another thing that is working for me is Zoom. I mean where have I been, right? Zoom meeting save time, energy and I think I’ll be incorporating more Zoom meetings into my daily work routine moving forward.

I’m a big believer that I want to live/create a life that I don’t want or need a vacation from. For me, that means having a home that is my favorite place to be (physically- my house, metaphorically- my mind and body) and spending time with people that light me up. Ask yourself what you can do today to make future you proud.


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